Monday, March 28, 2011


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your support. I haven't been able to respond to phone calls ect but your text messages, emails, cookies, dinners, dog walking, and gifts for us and Sully have really keep us going. There really is no good answer when people ask 'how are you coping' but I know that looking back on the past few months, each time someone sends some encouragement, the love just pushes us forward. Last night home to cookies a friend dropped by and in the morning I opened my mail on the way to the hospital and our friends from Canada had sent us a beautiful card and the most special keepsake necklace. The pendent is little footprints and Sully's initials sjr. I love it, best gift ever. Thanks Em and Andrew. To everyone has asked if there is 'anything you can do'-- yes, there is: please still be there when we resurface from our crisis because I miss you!! The photo of Sully is him showing off a new blanket from cousin Andrea. The nurses all knew the blanket must be from "overseas" because it was so trendy! xox Tara

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  1. Tara, Neil and Sully,
    sending you all love and light
    Shaz, Damon, Chels and Liam xxxx

    Love your blankie Sully very cool and the necklace is just precious

    You all remain in our thoughts and hearts xxxx