Friday, April 8, 2011

Mini Neil

Mini Neil is awake from surgery feeling out his new set up. Little monkey disconnects himself every 2 secs but seems much more comfortable already. I think he has my eyes??


  1. You need to post a baby picture of you and one of Neil, I see a lot of you in this picture. Then we can compare;) love you guys!

  2. This is a great photo, totally looks like Neil. He is looking better :) wish I could see him in person.

  3. Gerard and I agree....Mini Neil with your eyes...TOO CUTE!

  4. Yup, mini Neil with your eyes...and hair! What a sweet heart. He sure looks more comfortable.
    He is soooooooooo beautiful.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful little Sully. Definitely a mini Neil but I agree with Jenn. I can see you, too. Brought tears to my eyes to finally see all of his gorgeous little face. I love him to bits!
    xoxo to all of you.