Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sullivan Rallies

After sleeping the day away, slowing recovering from his hypertensive crisis, Sully woke up happy and alert. He played hard (lots of smiling, kicking and arm waving) then fell asleep again for the night. Neil and I slept in the parent room just in case. Yesterday took 10 years off my life. Who knows what today brings...

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  1. What an amazing spirit little Sully has!

    I love love love him.


  2. Our hearts are with you. Praying for Sully to stay strong. I have had three dreams, honestly, in the last couple weeks about Sully, and in each one he was about 4-5 years old. He looked just like Neil, with sparkly blond hair and he was all tanned from playing in the sun and had some dirt on his cheek. I woke up smiling. Grow grow grow, Sully.

    J, H, and Z

  3. You can do this Sully.
    You can do this Tara.

  4. Stay strong. Sending positive thoughts.

    From your Tassie friends
    Jody and Ian

  5. Sending lots, and lots, and lots of love and strength