Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hospital life

I would never have predicted that I would be on hospitalised bedrest - but that is exactly where I am. Here are photos of the sitting room, view from my window, and pic of my bed! There is also a tea room and craft room. I am allowed to leave the ward by signing out. I can go down to the park infront of the hospital and the little shop at the front entrance. But need a wheelchair to go to the cafe or anywhere else in the hospital because it is really far! I am not allowed to push myself so I wait for visitors! My routine is as follows: morning observations 7am - the midwife comes in and takes my blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and asks about my wellbeing...she also listens to the baby's heart beat. I take my blood glucose levels (forgot to mention I have gestational diabetes) 7.30am breakfast, select my meals for the next day, shower, dress into regular clothes and wait for my doctor and midwive to come by on their rounds. I usually spend the morning mostly in my room because that is when all the other doctors come by or when they want to take me for an ultrasound. I have a specialist midwife, a doctor, a social worker, a diabetic educator, diabetic doctor, physiotherapist. Other doctors who also come by on occasion, the pharmacy doctor, paedetric surgeon, neonatalist, the doctor on duty for that shift. Ward midwives complete observations on me every 4 hrs during the day but let me sleep through the night. I take my blood glucose 2hr after eating, then have a snack. Lunch is get the can be hectic. Afternoons are quieter, and if I don't have a visitor, I try and have a nap before dinner at 5.30p. I have a TV in my room or can watch a big screen in the lounge area. I am reading a great book right now called The Book Thief.


  1. Hey just got your blog. Thanks for keeping informed. Think we need to do some room decorations. Will look at what I can whip up - do have some leftovers from Fridays Beach Party. Any space for a 5 foot blow up palm tree??

  2. That looks like a lux pad. I hope you are comfortable, maxin' relaxing.