Tuesday, December 28, 2010

high dependency unit

kind of like high maintenance but more polite to say...I have been living up here over the holidays where they can monitor me a little closer. It is actually a labour and delivery room so if I was so inclined I could have the baby right in that bed. I have a patio across the hall so it is a bit easier to get some fresh air. There is a noticeable increase response time from the midwives...you press the little red nurse call button and they almost run into the room. I dropped my fork the other day and someone sprinted in about 2 secs. I would have gotten myself but I was hooked up to the fetal monitor while eating dinner. Honest.
I haven't felt so flash the last couple of nights, having lots of painless but regular contractions in the night while the baby kicks my guts out, then last night I felt like I was suffocating and ended up on oxygen. It must look a bit sad to see a pregnant women laying in bed with those plastic prong things up her nose because her lungs being squished by the weight of her own belly. Every time staff came in there were like...ohhhh.


  1. well, as for me, I am glad the midwife jumps when you drop a fork! They know you need the support...heck you are being squished...and the most important thing is you are still pregnant another day. Just keep enjoying your book and practicing your tongue twisters. Love you Tara. Heading home today so will call later.

  2. Heaps of love, T. Thinking of you everyday. It's almost 2011...good news for your babe's lungs. Oh, how I don't miss those gut kicks and sleepless nights. Hang in there, Baby Ross is one day stronger and bigger.