Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho Ho Hospital Christmas

Santa came to the Labour and Delivery Ward which is were I woke up Xmas morning. Still pregnant though so hanging in for a non-Christmas day bub.

The reduction when ok on Wednesday - 1 litre off without much pain afterward. The main difference this time was the tongue twisters Neil was making me say written in the day's paper. The midwife got a bit involved too and offered a dirty one...something about pheasants being plucked? Laughter is the best medicine?

Give these a go:

The sixth sick sheikh's sixth sheep's sick.

What noise annoys a noisy oyster? A noisy noise annoys a noisy oyster?

Anyway, my uterus is not happy and I have been having lots of contractions and I have been moved up here for closer monitoring (midwife to patient ratio = 1:1). They have done lots of blood tests ect to check for infection from the aminoreduction because that can cause 'irritation in the uterus' but it is all good. The contractions have settled down due to a lot of nifidipine.

The hospital has a special Xmas menu and Santa really did come around to all the patients this morning and delivered a gift from the hospital (not the one shown in the pic, that is Ine and Fred). Neil has rented tonnes of movies for us to watch this afternoon. He is going to get some Christmas lunch from the cafe and eat with me in my room. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for all your support!


  1. Great to see a smile on your face. Happy Holidays! My thoughts are with you, I hope you are comfortable, carry Sully through to term and have a smooth and safe delivery.

  2. Happy to hear T - agreed nice to see a smile :)

  3. Thinking of you, Neil and the baby lots. The best gift was seeing you hadn't had the baby yet. Sure miss our old Christmas's. You'll have to tell Sully about our get togethers on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. They were the best!