Monday, February 14, 2011


Sully's heat lamp has been turned off and he is being bundled. All in preparation for our eventual first cuddle! He has been struggling with his drug addiction this week in addition to his infections. Sul was having lots of withdrawal symptoms like tremors, vomiting, yawning, sneezing, crying and general agitation. All of this discomfort has a negative effect on his pulmonary hypertension. Sully's pain and sedation medication has been changed to methadone and Valium which are apparently easier to wean and are longer lasting. We are still waiting for the results of his latest blood test, hoping the infection has cleared.


  1. Thoughts remain with you, Neil and little Sully
    Keep fighting hard little man

    Shaz x

  2. poor little guy! he's a strong one though!

  3. Nice to see him out from under the lamp. He looks great. Side laying and everything.