Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rocky days ahead

Sully is being challenged over the next few days, the doctors are trying to get a sense of where he is at on less sedation and less support in order to make some longer term treatment plans. The main concern is a life threatening condition called pulmonary hypertension which he has as a result of having little lungs (and not well developed) but a normal amount of blood volume to get pushed through to be oxygenated. So he has been weaned off some drugs and placed on others and the doctor is trying to slightly alter the ventilator settings. Sullivan needs to dig a bit deeper with each change. The process is commonly described as two steps forward one step back. He has made some progress with some things like he is now being fed 4mls of breast milk each hour, is pooping, got his catheter removed, and is tolerating been turned onto his belly without his lungs collapsing! In fact, I think he likes it. Sully also has the best hat collection in the ICU.

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  1. Little man, you've been such an amazing troopr so keep it up. We will be praying for your lungs to do their thing and fight PPHN and for your body to keep pushing. Stay strong little one! We love you.

    Hugs to you Neil and Tara. We are with you as you get through the next few days. More hat pics please - love 'em!

    G, J, Noah and Finn