Wednesday, February 9, 2011


EBM is the medical acronym for expressed breast milk. Sullivan is off yucky IV fake food and is being feed 100% of the good stuff. I am pumping every 3hrs during the day and 4 hourly overnight. Neil has been a huge support by getting up with me in the night when I have trouble. If he hadn't taken photos as evidence, I wouldn't have believed him that I could hold the bottles on while asleep at 2am!

Expressing is weird, especially at first, the midwives helped me "hand express" first to bring the milk in (literally, I was so tried I let them touch my boobs). They used a syringe to catch the first bit and eventually I was ready for the pump. I was really worried about whether I would be able to produce milk with all the stress, but it is going well so far. I think the most important thing I have done is stick with it, I almost gave up one day because Sully was having such a hard time. I was exhausted, stressed, and missed a whole day just because everything was so full on. It was Neil who really encouraged me and also one of the midwives on the ward. She simply said, you don't have to do it--it is something you should do only if you want to.


  1. I can't believe you slept through that!!!!

  2. Not only did Mummy sleep through that she got up in the morning, read stories to Sully, held his hand, spoke soft words of encouragement through all the poking and steeps Sully in love day in and day out.

    Sully has one amazing Mummy in his hands.

    Thanks Daddy for being there to capture
    Mummy in action!

  3. T - you are amazing.
    You and Neil are quite the team...go Sully go!

  4. I LOVE this photo. Thanks, Neil. Amazing. Heaps of encouragement from me to you. When you are having trouble, just imagine little Sully suckling that milk if he could instead of the pump and it will help let down that liquid gold. Way to go for pumping so consistently. It's not that easy!! Sully is so lucky to have you and feeding him your milk will just make that Mommy attachment even stronger. Precious photo of you holding his hand. Brings me tears, it's so special. And for a bit of humour, I have hit my head on the wall behind my bed numerous times while feeding Z in the middle of the night. I fall asleep, get the floppy head and crack it against the wall.
    Love and hugs.
    Jaymie, Z, and H