Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Feed

Sully had his first poop 3 days after surgery (Monday) so we had the green light to go ahead and try a feed - 2 mls of breastmilk every 4hrs. Sully tolerated this very well we are very excited that his guts are working in their new position! I have been expressing milk every 3hrs during the day and 4 hourly in the night. I owe a entire post to expressing milk so I will leave the details for now. If we are at the hospital for the feeds, Neil and I are given the task of pushing the syringe of liquid gold through Sully's feeding tube, which goes through his nose into his stomach. The nurse checked that it was absorbed by putting a syring back on the tube 2hrs after the feed and pulling up to see if any was left in his belly. Sounds gross but thought someone out there may be wondering.