Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Very happy to have made it to 2011 still pregnant! We are 35 weeks on Monday which is amazing considering we were facing the prospect of having a 30 weeker with CDH...I had what may be my last or second last amnioreduction on Thursday and was moved back down to the Antenatal ward today AND got another visit from Bluey so 2011 has been great so far.

Neil and I started to try and figure out names...we have a first one picked but are struggling with a middle name. It would really help if we weren't totally distracted by all the horrible names in the baby name book. For example: Wrangler (American) a form of Rangle. Pony (Scottish) a small horse. Anabal (Phoenician) a form of Hannibal. And why is there even a U section? What do you think of Ulf?


  1. Woohoo Happy almost 35 weeks New Year! And Bluey looks sooooooooo sweet and ready to be a guardian bro. He looks identical to my dog Francis....are you considering any of our favourite family dog names at all? Francis after all is a family name too...Grandma Craig's brother. However, I am partial to Ulf. Short and with ooomph.
    I was surprised to see you in the long sleeve sweatshirt?

  2. I'm so glad it's a happy new year!