Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sully at 5 days looking a bit less swollen. He has been moved onto his belly now which will hopefully help his lungs a bit. Sully is on maximum support and we are all waiting to see if he will improve. He is on slightly less sedation so he can cough (good for lungs) and tries to open his eyes (good to see Mummy). Neil and I are trying not to get too exhausted. It has been the hardest weekend of our life. We thought we would be saying good bye to Sully on Friday but it is Sunday and we are all still here. I am reading him lots of Pooh and trashy magazines in a cheerful voice. He also gets sponge baths and I put lip gloss on him (it is lubricating jelly but I tell him it's gloss).

We stare at monitor a lot, willing some numbers to go up and some to go down. We stare at him a lot too xxT


  1. Dearest Tara and Neil,
    The CDH rollercoaster goes full steam, with so many twists and turns. I know to well how the monitor becomes the main focus.
    Loving Sully wearing the "gloss" very cute. I bet he is loving hearing all the Pooh stories and even a bit of trash.
    I would love to say try and get some rest, but having travelled this journey, do what feels right for you, take each hour as it comes and just be the beautiful little family you are.

    Sending you all much love and light

    CDH Australia

  2. dear Tara and Neil....and our sweet sweet Sully with gently glossed lips.

    Smelling your presence, hearing your voices and feeling soft strokes, Sully is held in the love of his mom and dad, his family and Creator.

    With love,

  3. Dearest Tara, Neil & Sully-
    Please know we are sending you lots of love, strength and hugs and kisses!
    Courage is like a muscle, we strengthen it when we use it. Stay brave!
    We love you!
    Barb, Tola, Noah & Bart

  4. Dear Sullivan,
    Ask your Mommmy or Daddy to read you this note.
    You are ridiculously cute. Even behind all those lines and tubes, I can tell you are really handsome. And I think it looks like you have your Mommy's lips! I've never met her because I am only 6.5months old but I saw some pictures and my Mommy told me. Be brave, Sully. I am thinking of you and hoping to meet you one day so I can share my toys with you or maybe we can play in the grass. Lip gloss is awesome. Don't let anyone tell you differently. I am sending you lots of love and drooly kisses to help you get better. Love Zainab

  5. I hope Sully gets better soon so that I can babysit him and read him some Pooh and Peter Rabbit. No trashy mags though ;) Maybe some Oprah, he might like that!