Thursday, January 27, 2011

wild ride

Sullivan has proved strong enough for surgery! It is scheduled for 9am Friday morning. He is now on a conventional ventilator instead of the high frequency one and is going well but they re intubated him with a different tube because it was leaky...never a dull moment. I waited outside while they changed tubes because I get too nervous listening to the beeps of the various monitors alarming as they do stuff. I hope Sully doesn't get into skateboarding, downhill sports, or anything else dangerous that I will have to watch. Given he is the offspring of Neil and I what are our chances?

I am excited and nervous about his surgery tomorrow I can't ever remember feeling the way I do right now. I can't describe it but I think it is one of those special parent feelings. We are a step closer to him becoming well but need to go through more scary moments before we arrive on the other side. Everyone describes CDH as a rollarcoaster --I read all about it and heard it from other parents when I was pregnant. I thought they just meant up and downs like bad and good days or moments and didn't really get the emotion that goes with it. It is the exhilaration, excitement, terror all wrapped together that I couldn't fathom until I got on the ride myself.

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  1. Thinking of you guys and I became so excited when I read this post at work today! I admire your strength Tara and Neil). You guys are absolutely amazing. Baby Sully is in my thoughts (and he's a fighter!) and I'm sending all my strength to you 3 in Oz.