Tuesday, January 4, 2011

paper towel antenatal class

The hospital midwives have been great about providing me with lots of info about labour since we missed our antenatal classes. One of the Maternal Fetal Medicine midwives spontaneously starting telling me about the stages of labour by drawing on a paper towel. Interestingly, the first pic is of my contractions (bottom graph) after the last reduction. Don't worry they didn't hurt - happy face! I took some medication, then the graph flattened out as my uterus relaxed.


  1. Happy New Year! I am back in Regina and back at work. You keep up the good work at your end. Keep that graph in the happy face!

  2. I am glad you are having your personal paper towel antenatal class (I didn't know ante meant before! It used to be called prenatal.) Man, this gramma has lots to learn!
    Its a relief that your next reduction is likely to be with delivery and going into labor now is not too early. Still Sully may as well hang out inside and grow those lungs snuggled up in Mom's tummy. Its comfiest in there!
    You are doing great Tara. I am very proud of your chutzpa and perseverance.

  3. Love the graph. My midwife drew the same thing for me. I guess the only benefit of having to go through all these contractions with the amnioreductions is that there is no doubt you will know what they feel like when labor starts. No surprises there! I am sending you a really funny link on email so look for it for a little pick me up. Use visualization to your babe in there for as long as you can....watching this little video might help!!
    Love Jaymie and Zainab
    P.S. Say hi to Neil and give each other big hugs from me.

  4. Happy New Year Tara!!
    Thinking of you lots!
    Barb, Bart, Tola & Noah