Saturday, January 15, 2011

date night

Neil and I went out for dinner just down the street from the hospital. I couldn't believe how big the serving size was compared to the hospital diabetic diet size! Mmmm it was Lemmon Pepper Calamari definitely not on the hospital menu.

I got some well intended although rather inappropriate words of wisdom from a senior midwife as I was leaving the ward -- on the subject of keeping the "allure" in my marriage after child birth. I don't think I have ever heard the word allure used in a sentence before. The word lover was also used which made me want to cover my ears and sing a song. The sermon was all about keeping the allure so Neil wouldn't get a wandering eye (because that's what happens and so many people divorce after child birth). So we both needed to keep reinventing ourselves, more specifically I should DEMAND that my husband reinvents himself for me because she has been married for 27 years and that's what she does. (I wanted to ask if he comes home wearing various costumes or ??? but I smartly bit my tongue as who knows what she could do to me with full access to the drug cupboard). The funniest part was she did this in front of a student midwife who could barely contain herself from laughing. And honestly, aren't I kind of a vulnerable patient? What if I was feeling insecure? Anyway Neil and I had a good laugh, mostly about the repeated use of the word allure. And to hysterically laugh with your partner is admittedly...alluring. So yes she is right maintaining date night is very important.


  1. OMG! what a crazy lol. - Russ and I had date night tonight as well downtown! :) Coulda ran into you by the looks of it.

    Reinvents himself.... does he perhaps have a brad pitt costume? With wig included?

  2. Hahaha... leave it to a midwife to say that. so appropriate for that job position to be open in every way, specifically with the allure of relationships!