Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our chubby cherub

Sullivan Josef Ross has arrived! 3.08kgs! He is going well in ICU on ventilation at the moment and has peed on the nurses 3 times. xx Tara

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  1. YES!!!!! Congratulations! I'm so happy! peeing is always a good sign :) I hope you are doing well and Neil. Great name btw.
    Love you guys!

  2. woohoo...Sullivan Josef is here!

    He is soooooooo beautiful.

    Love to you and Neil....
    what amazing parents Sully picked!

    Gramma Ine has done a great job keeping us update too.

    I hope you are all doing well and getting some rest. I have been waiting quietly at home and very eager to chat!!!

    Let me know when I can phone!

    Nana Dana

  3. So happy to read your little boy is here! Enjoy every moment. Time goes by so fast and so many things will happen that it is hard to remember all them (thank goodness for camera phones, video cameras etc!). Take care of each other. Wish we could be with you, but are thoughts are always with you. Kim, Don, Lindsay, Ryan, Shaun, Leanne, Deena, Tom and Barb.

  4. Woop Woop!!! We are so excited for you. Can't wait to see a photo. Rest well and recover because I am sure that little bub will keep you busy. Sounds like he's got some character. Do you think he got that from you, Tara?! Give him a snuggle from myself and Zainab. Peeing on the nurses is awesome. Zainab is banging wooden spoons on the table in excitement at the news of Sullivan's arrival. As soon as I told her she started squealing and banging. Yay!!!

    Day by day. Love him to bits. Looking forward to hearing more.
    Love to the three of you.
    Jaymie, Hicham and Zainab

  5. Congrats to you and Neil. A big welcome hug for Sullivan. Best wishes Jayne and family

  6. Congratulations Tara and Niel on the arrival of your precious cherub Sullivan Josef.
    Thoughts are with you all
    Shaz x
    CDH Australia

  7. Congratulations Tara and Neil!!! Welcome baby Sullivan.
    Stay strong T!
    Barb, Bart, Tola, Noah