Friday, January 21, 2011

Midnight visits and winnie the pooh

A quick note to say thanks for all the texts, e-mails, cards-they really lift our spirits. I am recovering well from the section though I am admittedly not resting as much as I probably should.

It has been a rough night as Sully has taken a turn for the worse. Neil and I spent most of the night with him and he has picked up a bit. Not sure if it is the reading of Winnie the Pooh or the medicine, but Sully certainly is a tough little bunny.


  1. Hope you are all resting well tonight. I am sure it's your presence and voice and touch that calms him and comforts him.

    Keep fighting Sully!! We are praying for your lungs. Hang in thre monkey-bunny...we love you soooo much!

    Know that we are with you, Neil and Tara. Give each other a big hug for us. You guys are never far from our thoughts.

    Auntie Jenny, Uncle G, Noah and Finn

  2. Come on Sully, you can do it!!
    Love to all,
    Jaymie, Hicham and Zainab