Monday, January 10, 2011

Watch it kid, that's sharp!

I had an urgent amnioreduction on Thursday. My doctor looked at my ultrasound results from Wednesday and my Amniotic Fluid Index was 44. Normal is less than 18, which is probably 600-800ml of fluid. I have probably have about 5 litres...The fluid came back surprisingly fast this time. Though they never take all the excess fluid out usually 1 - 2 litres a week.

The first pic shows the needle going in, but with a much smaller baby. The second photo is not me but I grabbed it off the net because it shows how huge the needle is. I receive a local anesthetic first! You can also see the that one doctor handles the needle and the other monitors the baby's position with the ultrasound.

The doctor puts the needle in away from the head, where there are no baby parts. Our baby is much bigger than the baby in the diagram and can open his eyes. Admittedly he is a curious fellow and has tried to grab the needed each reduction I have had and the doctors skillfully move it away or pull it out. This time however, the doctors let him hang on to it because he was being such a pest. Hanging on wasn't enough, though, and suddenly he grabbed it with both hands. I said to the doctors that he will try and put it in his mouth next. {Chuckle}, Tara, don't worry that doesn't happen. 5 secs pass and sure enough the monkey is making a move to pull the needle into his mouth. The doctor (obviously) pulled back the needle, a bit stunned. Needless to say, this reduction hurt more than normal because there was a tug o' war going on in my womb. Baby grabbing and doctor pulling back. The reduction didn't last that much longer because we didn't want him to poke himself in the eye. Seem likes a kid that we will not be able to leave alone for a second or he will be on the roof!

It took me a bit longer to recover from this reduction, I had more painful contractions after and got loaded up on medication, got very tired, and felt iky. So I slept all day Friday, half of Saturday and started to come around on Sunday. Finally feel more myself today, Monday.

36 weeks!

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  1. oh my gosh, what a monkey! he is definitely going to have you and neil running around after him with a baby leash! ha ha...

    So glad that 36 weeks is here....go mama! go mokey! Auntie Jenny and Uncle Gerry (and of course your monkey cousins) are sending HUGE HUGS!